Whitewater Play Skills – Develop with an individualistic & unique approach

Whitewater Play Skills. Less Syllabus, More Skills - Saturday 27th April, Clashganny

Less Syllabus, More Skills – Saturday 27th April, Clashganny

The Whitewater Play Skills focuses on our boat to body to water connection. With less focus on a standard syllabus and strokes, and more focus on movement. We’ll look at how our body and the water combine to move our boat. This allows for greater development, creativity and an individualistic approach.

Using a mash of downriver freestyle, freestyle and whitewater skills, our Whitewater Play Skills will look at entry moves and tricks open to us on the river. We’ll look at our trim, posture, positioning, paddle placement and how to utilise them best on the river. We’ll analyse river features to see what’s happening under the water as much as on the surface, and how we use that information. Around rapids we’ll put less emphasis on strokes and more on balance and reading the water.

  • Location: Clashganny, Graiguenemanah
  • Date: 27/04/2024
  • Time: 10am – 3:30pm
Whitewater Play skills developed in Galicia

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