Riverbend Adventures has come about as a new career opportunity for Roger who recently retired from a life in sales to share a common passion for paddling with his son David, a professional kayaker and current European Freestyle Kayaking champion. They and their team are passionate about sharing their love of paddling with others.

David McClure

David is active within Ireland as a club coach and national coach, supporting the European Whitewater School (EWWS) and Southeast Freestyle.

As an athlete, David is currently the Irish national champion, reigning European Freestyle Kayak Champion, and has been ranked in the top 5 in the world over the last 5 years.

David studied Sports Coaching & performance at WIT, worked with the British national Freestyle Kayaking team, and has years of experience in providing outdoor sports.

This is a unique opportunity for father and son to bring their experience of the river to home, Kilkenny.

  • High performance Freestyle & Whitewater coaching
  • Beginner & intermediate Freestyle & Whitewater coaching
  • Year round, weekly training in Ireland
  • Junior & senior camps in Ireland
  • Junior and senior international camps

Roger McClure

Roger is a level 3 kayak instructor for over 30 years, serving several terms as chairman of Wild Water Kayak Club and over ten years as chairman of Kilkenny Aqua Canoe Club.

A recent convert to sea kayaking and level 4 paddler, he is awaiting assessment as a level 3 sea kayak instructor. Roger teaches and leads with Shearwater Sea Kayaking and recently completed the Jeff Allen Incident Management course and training for BCU Advanced Sea Kayak Leader.

Competing and coaching is part of his DNA, having competed in World Championships in Wild Water, Marathon and Canoe Polo as well as winning multiple Liffey Descent races in double kayaks and canoes.

Riverbend is now his full time venture after a career in sales.

  • Level 3 kayak instructor
  • Sea Kayaking around Irish coast
  • Experience in Sales and team building
  • Mentoring